How to read CSV file and create User

I want to read and create user from csv file. but my code gave me MultiValueDictKeyError at /api/user/ I have pasted the image of result of the code

read and crate user from CSV file

my Code is:

def read_and_create_csv_file():
    header = {'Authorization': f'Token {get_token()}'}
    url = f"{URL}/api/user/"
    with open(r"E:\WC_API\employees.csv") as csv_file:
        csv_reader = csv.DictReader(csv_file)
        for row in csv_reader:
            data = {
                "USERNAME": row['username'],
                "FIRST_NAME": row['FIRST_NAME'],
                "LAST_NAME": row['LAST_NAME'],
                "EMAIL": row["EMAIL"],
                "PASSWORD": "Abc@123"}

            response =, json=data, headers=header)
        if response.status_code == 201:
            print("User created successfully")
            print("Failed to create user")


this is the resule:

Failed to create user or MultiValueDictKeyError

Without seeing the csv file, my guess is that there is not a column named 'username', and there is a column named 'USERNAME'. Change line #8 accordingly.

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