How to create notification on a webpage

This question is related to backend development. I am an intermediate-knowledge university student working in this field.

For my project, I am developing a website that alerts the user if something's missing from its place. For example, a valuable thing is placed under the scrutiny of CCTV. Then I detect the object using Image processing and as the thing is gone, I want to raise an alert.

I have done Image processing and am able to detect the presence/absence of the object on my local machine. I want to deploy such a thing on the server for end-consumer usage. But then how to do this on the server because then two things need to be done at once, the video needs to be continuously processed, and when there is an alert, a notification should be kept in the notification feed (just like any social media platform), while also continuously monitoring the video. I am familiar with Django.

In a nutshell, I want to understand how social media websites, also sometimes show notifications while we are scrolling the feed. How two things are managed at one time?

Thank you for the help.


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