How to pass the dictionary from redirect in django in python using POST method?

I am trying to redirect to a new html page in my django app from view and I also want to pass a dictionary by POST method . For this I have written the code as -

return redirect('/fun_generated/',{'val0':val0})

But when I am trying to access the dictionary from the function as -

def fun_generated(request):

By using request.POST.get('val0') it is showing none.

I have tried the kwargs as -

doc = {'val0':val0}

return redirect('/fun_generated',kwargs={'val0':val0})

and then access in the function as -

def fun_generated(request, **kwargs):

It is still not working

I have also tried to use the url method as -

encoded_string=urllib.parse.urlencode(doc) return redirect(f'/fun_generated?%s'%encoded_string)

but this is using the GET method also when I am trying to access by using this GET method as -


It is giving the data as ['vaue']. I don't know where these [] come from and how can I pass using POST method?

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