How i get the value from a dictionary if the key from all keys are the same?

I wanna from a dictionary all values but i have for each value the same key. It is possible that i can get the values in a separately empty list?

dic = QuesModel.objects.values("ans").distinct() print(dic) # i get: """<QuerySet [{'ans': 'antwort1'}, {'ans': 'answer2'}, {'ans': 'besitzt als Modelle elemente verschiedene Ereignistypen.'}, {'ans': 'als Nachrichten und Datenobjekte e dargestellt.'}, {'ans': '2 ist eine rationale Zahl'}, {'ans': 'x hat den Wert 5 5'}, {'ans': ''}]> """

and i wanna get the values from dic in a list, Like: for key, values in dic.items(): # but this doesn `t work How can i fixed that??

You can work with .values_list(…) [Django-doc] instead:

QuesModel.objects.values_list('ans', flat=True).distinct()

Note: Models normally have no …Model suffix. Therefore it might be better to rename QuesModel to Question.

Yes you can do the following:

dic1 = list(QuesModel.objects.values("ans").distinct())
answers = [i['ans'] for i in dic1]

Note: Models in Django don't require model to be the suffix, so it is better to name it as Ques only or Question.

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