Can Django STATIC_ROOT point to path on another server?

I am using Django 4.0.1 in my project, and right prior to deploying my site, I am faced with the issue of handling my static files. Due to the limit of my server, I have decided to instead serve these static files via CDN.

I have already configured my STATIC_URL option in

STATIC_URL = 'assets/'

I am aware that in the Django documentation, they say that this url refers to the static files located in STATIC_ROOT. Of course, normally the latter is an absolute path on your server where the collectstatic command collects the static files and put them there, but I am wondering if I can configure this STATIC_ROOT to point a path which is not on my server.

To be precise, I want to know whether I can point STATIC_ROOT to my CDN storage. In that way I can still use STATIC_URL to refer to my static assets, while being able to serve them via CDN.

Yes, it's actually a recommended way to serve static files for years. Not sure why Django didn't add it to its core.

You can use django-storages, it supports almost every cloud provider. You can use it for media and/or static.

Yes definitely you can use it for any other server. For example while we use AWS S3 as a server to serve static files it should look like this :

USE_S3 = os.getenv('USE_S3') == 'TRUE'

if USE_S3:
    # aws settings
    AWS_DEFAULT_ACL = 'public-read'
    AWS_S3_OBJECT_PARAMETERS = {'CacheControl': 'max-age=86400'}
    # s3 static settings
    AWS_LOCATION = 'static'
    STATICFILES_STORAGE = 'storages.backends.s3boto3.S3Boto3Storage'
    STATIC_URL = '/staticfiles/'
    STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'staticfiles')
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