Where to run Celery on AWS

In my django web app I am running a calculation which takes 2-10 minutes, and the AWS server times out with a 504 server error.

It seems that the best way to fix this problem is to implement a worker, and offload the calculations. Through some research, it seems that Celery with a Redis server (maybe AWS SQS instead?) are best for Django.

However, I only see tutorials for instances that are run locally. The Redis server is hosted by Railway and Celery is run in a separate terminal than Django (on the same local machine). I'm curious if/where Celery and Redis should be running on AWS.

This answer says you should try to run celery as a deamon in the background. AWS Elastic Beanstalk uses supervisord already to run some deamon processes. So you can leverage that to run celeryd and avoid creating a custom AMI for this. It works nicely for me. but don't the Celery and Redis servers still need to run somehow?

Where does the Celery server run? How do I start it? How can I leverage supervisord to run daemon processes? The documentation isn't helping me very much with AWS integration

You can configure Procfile to run multiple processes like main django app, celery and celery-beat in parallel as documented here:

web: <command to start your django app>

celery: celery -A <path_to_celery_app> worker

celery_beat: celery -A <path_to_celery_app> beat
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