Display language icons in Django template

I want to display language icons instead of names in Django template.

My code looks like this:

{% load static i18n %}

    {% get_current_language as CURRENT_LANGUAGE %}
    {% get_available_languages as AVAILABLE_LANGUAGES %}
    {% get_language_info_list for AVAILABLE_LANGUAGES as languages %}
    <div id="language">
          {% for language in languages %}
                   <a href="/{{ language.code }}/"
                    {% if language.code == LANGUAGE_CODE %} class="active"{% endif %}>
                    {{ language.name|slice:":3" }}
          {% endfor %}

Is there any possible ways to achieve that goal or I have to try different ways?

The harder part is assembling your set of country flag images together somewhere.

The easy part is using your language context to get an <img> reference, for example

<img ... src="somewhere/{{language.name|slice:":3"}}.gif" >

You might want to take a look at the django-countries package. Use it, or use it for ideas.

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