Django autogenerate/share URLS

This is more of a general question on what tools and how I should set something up...

Background: I am a relative beginner and I made a website called wordlegolf which is very similar and popular to the original wordle game but it tracks your score and has a scoreboard page that shows everyone on the site's scores.

What I need help with: I want to make it so you can create your own scoreboard or league so that not every person on the site goes to one scoreboard. So you can have a scoreboard with your friends or family. I want to make it so you can create a league and then share a unique URL to invite people to that league.

I was looking into channels to do this but I think that is more than what I need. I'm going to have to adjust my database but I mostly just wanted a project or explanation on how to create unique autogenerated URLs and how to create objects in a database to match that URL.

I haven't tried much, just been looking around on what to use and how to achieve my goal and getting more confused.

also my site is deployed on heroku

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