Create the cXML punch-out API in the Determine P2P application django project

I created an e-commerce site with django. I would like to integrate a cxml punchout to link the ecommerce site and the systems of my buyers, I would like to know here how to configure the cXML file below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cXML payloadID="?" timestamp="?" xml:lang="en-US">
   <Credential domain="?">
   <Credential domain="?">
   <Credential domain="?">
     <CredentialMac type="FromSenderCredentials" algorithm="HMAC-SHA1-96" creationDate="?" 
<Request deploymentMode="test">
<PunchOutSetupRequest operation="create">
  <Extrinsic name="User">which user</Extrinsic>
    <Name xml:lang="en-US">myname</Name>

domaine of my app : For other information how to inform them ??? to adapt it to my project

You can find the cXML user guide in the link below, if you want to set up your own service.

Alternatively you can employ an existing punchout service like Tradecentric (~$300 a month), Greenwing (~$160 a month) or InstaPunchout (~$30 a month).

Good luck!

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