Can you connect to a Django backend via a python separate file? if both are running locally

For example, when I would create a ruby and react app. I could run the ruby app on and the react app on With some configuration, I could fetch information from my ruby backend and send information from by react frontend.

Currently, I am working on building a bot on discord, with a django frontend/backend. I need to run the python bot at the same time as the Django website. I run the bot via "python". I run the django project via "python3 runserver" runs on They both work fine at the same time, but I want the bot to be able to send information to the django project.

I don't believe its like ruby. I cant just fetch to bc that is not the backend. That is the frontend of the site(?).

So, is there anyway for me to get the URL of the django backend, so I can send information to it via my python bot. I cannot seem to find an article on this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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