I can´t publish MQTT messages after a few days

I'm using "mqttasgi" as library with Django justo to listen and posting many messages. However, for some reason after a few days it is no longer possible to continue posting messages. It should be noted that I am using the amazon login with "mqttasgi" and a level 1 of QO(because AWS doesn't allow a level 2 of QO).

This is my procfile

mqttasgi -H $MQTT_URL -p $MQTT_PORT -v 2 -C $TLS_CERT -K $TLS_KEY -S $TLS_CA iot_stracontech.asgi:application```

and this is my consumer.py

from mqttasgi.consumers import MqttConsumer from mqtt_handler.tasks import processmqttmessage import json

class MyMqttConsumer(MqttConsumer):

async def connect(self):
    await self.subscribe('tpx/things/+/uplink', 0)
    await self.channel_layer.group_add("stracontech", self.channel_name)

async def receive(self, mqtt_message):
    print('Received a message at topic:', mqtt_message['topic'])
    print('With payload', mqtt_message['payload'])
    print('And QOS:', mqtt_message['qos'])
    dictresult = json.loads(mqtt_message['payload'])
    jsonresult = json.dumps(dictresult)
    processmqttmessage.delay(jsonresult, mqtt_message['topic'])

async def publish_results(self, event):
    data = event['result']
    await self.publish("stracontech/procesed/" + event['result']['device_id'] + "/result",
                       json.dumps(data).encode('utf-8'), qos=1, retain=False)

async def disconnect(self):
    await self.unsubscribe('tpx/things/+/uplink')

 I want to know if exist a way to know why does it stop publishing messages, anyway to do a debug or see the logs?

Pd: @Santiago Ivulich maybe you can give me a hand with that.
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