Djangochannelsrestframework problem with elastickbeanstalk and @model_observer

I have a consumers in which there is tracking of model changes using @model_observer. I subscribe to the event via @action and track its changes, everything works perfectly locally, the model has changed, I immediately received a change. But as soon as I try to put it on aws elastic beanstalk, I can subscribe/unsubscribe, but I don't get changes about events, although I see that the session is not broken. I thought that the problem was in queues or sessions, but I checked this together with technical support, they told me that everything was working correctly and the connection was made correctly. Maybe you know at least in which direction I should look and dig? Just in case, I summarize: everything works correctly locally, when uploading to the server, only subscribe to the event / unsubscribe from the event works, but for some reason the changes do not work my with @model_observer my django.conf my Procfile: web: gunicorn --bind :8000 --workers 3 --threads 2 settings.wsgi:application websocket: daphne -b -p 5000 settings.asgi:application

I watched redis, I watched DB, cleaned up sessions

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