Django: how to move the "page not found" exception and context from function to class-based view?

I'm converting a simple function to a class-based view. I had found a good resource with examples that helped me in the past to better understand the whole topic (can be found here), but I couldn't find a good example of how to handle exceptions related to a page in a class-based view when the page is not found (for example, someone makes a typo in URL).

I'm also not sure how to handle additional context that I want also transfer to class-based view.

I would appreciate some help, and suggestions based on this simple example below. My goal is to import the main View with `from django.views import View' and place all logic in this class instead of this function.

def meetup_details(request, meetup_slug):

    selected_meetup = Meetup.objects.get(slug=meetup_slug) 

    return render(request, 'meetups/meetup-details.html', {
        'meetup_found': True,
        'meetup_title': selected_meetup.title, 
        'meetup_description': selected_meetup.description

    except Exception as exc:
        return render(request, 'meetups/meetup-details.html', {
            'meetup_found': False
class MeetupDetailView(DetailView):
       model = Meetup
       template_name = "meetups/meetup-details.html"
       queryset = Meetup.objects.all()
       def get_object(self):
               self.meetup = Meetup.objects.get(slug=self.kwargs['slug'])
            except Exception as exc:
               self.meetup = None
            return self.meetup

    def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
        context = super().get_context_data(**kwargs)
        if self.meetup:
           meetup_found = True
           context['meetup_title'] = self.meetup.title
           context['meetup_description'] = self.meetup.description
           meetup_found = False
        context['meetup_found'] = meetup_found

        return context
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