Problem with email sending when server status is on smtp

So I am making a website with account activation when registering and this works fine. But the part where I have to send email to reset password doesn't. If I turn the email backend to 'console', It works fine. In the console I get the message with the token link to reset the password. When I turn the email backend to 'smtp' it just doesnt work and I get a long error after I submit the email that the message has to be sent on. Also I don't have a pasword reset view. I don't know if that is the problem.email_SettingsPassword reset formspasswordreset_confirm_htmlpassword_reset_Form_htmlpassword_reset_urlserrorerror location

I tried moddeling a Password reset view. I don't know if the view was right or this does not solve the problem. Also I googled this error but I didnt find something useful. Tried to change some urls.

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