Django dj-rest-auth (django-allauth) redirection doesn't work, however, LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL is set

I'm using Django 4.1 (Djoser doesn't work with 4.x) and dj-rest-auth (if I'm not mistaken, registration is provided by django-allauth module). What am I trying to achieve is getting new user to a profile creation page ('/api/v1/new_hero/' endpoint), right after he signs up. Without any email verification, just right into it. But for now, with all theese settings, after registration, django keeps the user on the same ('auth/registration/') page with tokens demonstration and other stuff. By the way, situation keeps similar with loginning. How am I supposed to direct the user to a target page?

DEFAULT_AUTO_FIELD = 'django.db.models.BigAutoField'
JWT_AUTH_COOKIE = 'jwt-auth'
LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = '/api/v1/new_hero/'
ACCOUNT_SIGNUP_REDIRECT_URL = '/api/v1/new_hero/'

urlpatterns = [
    re_path(r'^docs(?P<format>\.json|\.yaml)$', schema_view.without_ui(cache_timeout=0), name='schema-json'),
    re_path(r'^docs/$', schema_view.with_ui('swagger', cache_timeout=0), name='schema-swagger-ui'),
    re_path(r'^redoc/$', schema_view.with_ui('redoc', cache_timeout=0), name='schema-redoc'),
    path('api-auth/', include('rest_framework.urls')),
    path('api/v1/', include('items.urls')),
    path('auth/', include('dj_rest_auth.urls')),
    path('auth/registration/', include('dj_rest_auth.registration.urls')),



urlpatterns = [
    path('items/', ItemsListCreateView.as_view(), name='list_items'),
    path('items/<int:pk>/', ItemDetailView.as_view(), name='update_item'),
    path('heroes/', HeroListView.as_view(), name='list_heroes'),
    path('new_hero/', HeroCreateView.as_view(), name='create_hero'),
    path('heroes/<int:pk>/', HeroDetailView.as_view(), name='update_hero'),
    path('classes/', HeroClassListCreateView.as_view(), name='list_classes'),
    path('weapons/', WeaponClassListCreateView.as_view(), name='list_weapons'),
    # path('reg/', Registration.as_view(), name='custom_registration'),

I tryied different django-allauth settings, checked correctness of INSTALLED_APPS, AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS and other sections of, and it all end up here, with me writing a question.

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