What is the best pathway for building a django-rest api for a project?

I am about to begin a major project using Django-rest framework. I know that there is no "Correct" coding practice for anything, but I would still like to know what should be the path to follow for an easy and quick development experience. Should I be done with the Custom user models, user registration, and authentication first and then add the database model for other stuff? Or should I prefer another course of action? Thank you in advance.

  • Yup you can use the Custom User model with JWT to authenticate the use
  • when you use the Custom User model it will register user and login by default username but u can change it with email or mobile_number
  • it will automatically hash your password and there's no need to add more stuff to authenticate.
  • rest API comes with more stuff there's a lot of packages to do with apis

if you not get it my points you can ask me any question

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