Why is for loop not working in django html?

yesterday i wrote an application using for loop that worked exactly as I wanted it to work, but today when I opened it up without changing a thing it is not working. and this is happening every time I try to make something similar. i also tried inspecting the page but I only see an empty div while there is actually for loop inside it. any help would be appreciated. thanksfor loop inspect window

I also created new app and did exact same things. i just coppied code and it worked. but when i try to do same in this application it remains the same.

Check if you are passing the "items" list correctly in the context, when you render the view.

Can you double check if your items list is not empty, and or the items in your list have the properties that you are trying to access in the template. You can as well debug the template to see what is being passed.

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