Django does not reassign id number to model fields

I created a django model for applicants. i made it in such a way that the admin can delete an applicant's name from the model. But whenever an applicant's name is deleted the IDs remain the same, for exmaple if i delete an applicant with ID number 4 instead of the next applicant's number to become the new 4 it remains 5.

here is my code view code:

`def delete(request, id):
    applicant = Applicants.objects.get(id=id)
    return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('applicants_list'))

html code:

<table border="1" >
    {% for x in myapplicants %}
            <td>{{ }}</td>
            <td>{{ x.fname }}</td>
            <td>{{ x.lname }}</td>
            <td>{{ x.p_course }}</td>
            <td>{{ x.total_grade }}</td>
            <td><button><a href="delete/{{ }}" >Reject Application</a></button></td>
    {% endfor %}
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