Django+AlpineJS : fetching ForeignKey object data with x-init and x-data and iterating over it

I have 2 models, Band (has parameters name, genre, country) and Album (has a band ForeignKey, and other parameters - name and year), and I'm trying to serialize it with AlpineJS so that I have a page displaying a list of bands with a list of corresponding albums beside them. I can do it normally without Alpine, but for this case I need to build a filtering search (like by genre or year, but that's not the current issue) with Alpine so I just have to use it. I also know how to fetch data of objects from one model, but when it's two of them within the same x-data div I'm at loss.

Perhaps is there a way of making one single function that has both all Band AND Album data? But then how would I list them beside each other if there's no id requested, I don't know. Damn I get lost at this though I understand all these object relations for the most part.

The code below is what I have right now. Tried this, the inner x-for loop doesn't work, but it works fine without it, i.e. if I'm only fetching Band data and displaying the corresponding info about it, like genre or country. html page:

          <template x-for="band in bands">
            <p x-text="`${} - ${band.genre}`"></p>
                <template x-for="album in band.albums.all">
                    <p x-text="`${} - ${album.year}`"></p>


def bands(request):
    bands = Band.objects.all()
    data = []
    for band in bands:
        data.append({'name':, 'genre': band.genre,
    return JsonResponse(data, safe=False)

def albums(request):
    albums = Album.objects.all()
    data = []
    for album in albums:
        data.append({'name':, 'year': album.year})
    return JsonResponse(data, safe=False)````
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