Django: Pass non-editable data from the client to the server

I am building a media tracker for TV shows and movies.

When the user makes a query on the front-end, on the server I make a request with an API in which I get TV shows/movies with id, title, image link, media type, seasons, etc.

After that, I display the result of the query on the front-end with the name and image:


Then the user can select one of the results and get a simple form:


The thing is that after submitting the form, I want to save the score and progress with the id, media type and other parameters that aren't shown on the front-end but are related to the media submitted. At the moment I am using to pass the values to the server:

<input type="hidden" name="id" value="{{}}">

The problem with this is that the user could change the id value with the developer tool (inspector), which would cause problems. I don't really know how to validate the form as the id could be any number.

Is there a better and still simple approach? Thanks in advance

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