Create 'Export As CSV' Button in Django on HTML Webpage [duplicate]

I currently have a working django application that has a view that outputs a dataframe and is rendered onto a .html page. Now, I am trying to create a button on this .html page that allows the user to download the rendered table to their local downloads folder.

How is this done? I am yet to figure it out after doing lots of research trying to get a table from views to html to downloaded as csv.

Thank you!

Python code in

results_html = results.to_html(index=False)
return render(request, 'output.html', {'results_html': results_html})

my current home.html code

<html lang="en-US">

I have looked into this and would like more clarification about where to type each thing.I am brand new to Django and still trying to figure out how each file interacts.

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