Setting cookies with react-cookies to be read by DRF API

I want to set/remove a cookie on react web app when client switches between modes. I want the cookie to be sent with every request to the API which is using django rest framework, and use the value of the cookie to determine the kind of response. The web app and API are in different domains. I'm using react-cookie library to set the cookie which works fine on localhost but having issues setting it in other domains and will only let me use current domain for the cookie.


Thats the code I'm using to set the cookie, the regex is something I found to remove the subdomain (ex. converts to if there is any or just set the domain if its something like localhost

but when it is deployed to the actual domain the cookie doesn't get set. Also will the backend API read the cookie if the domain is set with the client domain or does it need to be the server domain that is used for the request. It doesn't let me use other domains outside of the current(client) domain

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