How to call HTML page as a popup from another HTML page using Django

I am working on Django project where i need pop up the HTML when i click the button. Let me explain, when ever user click the button it should open another HTML as a popup there user can upload the files and download the sample files. Could you please help me on the issue

Here is my code below,

HTML Button -

<button data-href='{% url "employeeBulkUpload" %}' id="uploadEmployees" title="Upload Employees" class="btn btn-blue mr-2 px-3 d-block w-100 text-95 radius-round border-2 brc-black-tp10"><i class="fa fa-upload"></i></button>
$(document).ready(function () { $('#uploadEmployees').initDialog({'url': '{% url "employeeBulkUpload" %}', 'title': 'Upload Employees'}); });

You need to use modal to achieve your task. You can get more info about html modals on this link for jquery modals.

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