Django simplejwt validate token

I am implementing authentication with Django simpleJwt, and have a question.

I want to create something with Client's jwt token. I use methods provided from simpleJwt to validate and decode jwt token.

class AccountBookAPIView(APIView):
    def post(self, request):
        jwt_authenticator = JWTAuthentication()
        raw_access_token = request.META.get('access_token')
        validated_token = jwt_authenticator.get_validated_token(raw_access_token)
        user = jwt_authenticator.get_user(validated_token)

However, I doubt that some methods really validate token. So I checked the method's implementation. Below is the code for question.

    def get_validated_token(self, raw_token):
        Validates an encoded JSON web token and returns a validated token
        wrapper object.
        messages = []
        for AuthToken in api_settings.AUTH_TOKEN_CLASSES:
                return AuthToken(raw_token)
            except TokenError as e:
                        "token_class": AuthToken.__name__,
                        "token_type": AuthToken.token_type,
                        "message": e.args[0],

        raise InvalidToken(
                "detail": _("Given token not valid for any token type"),
                "messages": messages,
# this class is AuthToken in my opinion.

class AccessToken(Token):
    token_type = "access"
    lifetime = api_settings.ACCESS_TOKEN_LIFETIME

I can't find the point that validate token from Database. It looks like just construction of token for me. Don't I need to check token in the Database(blacklist and outstanding tokens)?

Plz help me. Any answer is welcome.

Below is my

    # my apps

    # additional libraries
    'ACCESS_TOKEN_LIFETIME': timedelta(days=1),
    'REFRESH_TOKEN_LIFETIME': timedelta(days=7),
    'USER_ID_FIELD' : 'member_id',
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