PayPal webhooks integration with django

I am integrating Paypal in django-rest- framework. The issue is with paypal webhook response. I get a webhook json response when ever I pay some amount on paypal already created a url path in my application for the same.

Sample JSON object response:

{'event_version': '1.0', 'create_time': '2022-12-19T18:57:12.343Z', 'resource_type': 'checkout-order', 'resource_version': '2.0', 'event_type': 'CHECKOUT.ORDER.APPROVED', 'summary': 'An order has been approved by buyer', 'resource': {'update_time': '2022-12-19T18:57:02Z', 'create_time': '2022-12-19T18:56:51Z', 'purchase_units': [{'reference_id': 'default', 'amount': {'currency_code': 'USD', 'value': '10.00'}, 'payee': {'email_address': '', 'merchant_id': ''jkdshfhsjdfhjksfhjsfs'}, 'custom_id': 'e-book-1234', 'shipping': {'name': {'full_name': 'John Doe'}, 'address': {'address_line_1': '1 Main St', 'admin_area_2': 'San Jose', 'admin_area_1': 'CA', 'postal_code': '95131', 'country_code': 'US'}}, 'payments': {'captures': [{'id': '9HW93194EE464044X', 'status': 'COMPLETED', 'amount': {'currency_code': 'USD', 'value': '10.00'}, 'final_capture': True, 'seller_protection': {'status': 'ELIGIBLE', 'dispute_categories': ['ITEM_NOT_RECEIVED', 'UNAUTHORIZED_TRANSACTION']}, 'seller_receivable_breakdown': {'gross_amount': {'currency_code': 'USD', 'value': '10.00'}, 'paypal_fee': {'currency_code': 'USD', 'value': '0.84'}, 'net_amount': {'currency_code': 'USD', 'value': '9.16'}}, 'links': [{'href': '', 'rel': 'self', 'method': 'GET'}, {'href': '', 'rel': 'refund', 'method': 'POST'}, {'href': '', 'rel': 'up', 'method': 'GET'}], 'create_time': '2022-12-19T18:57:02Z', 'update_time': '2022-12-19T18:57:02Z'}]}}], 'links': [{'href': '', 'rel': 'self', 'method': 'GET'}], 'id': '4CV868937U646315D', 'payment_source': {'paypal': {}}, 'intent': 'CAPTURE', 'payer': {'name': {'given_name': 'John', 'surname': 'Doe'}, 'email_address': "" 'payer_id': 'CSNQVZ49MMDA2', 'address': {'country_code': 'US'}}, 'status': 'COMPLETED'}, 'links': [{'href': '', 'rel': 'self', 'method': 'GET'}, {'href': '', 'rel': 'resend', 'method': 'POST'}]} Is there any inbuilt library which can handle this response in python or database design to handle this or I need to create it myself.
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