Django sqlite3 deleting existing data in my Django sqlite3 after deployment/deploying to azure app service

i have made a simple Django app and deployed it to azure app services. the app was working just fine after deploying it to azure app service(ran to some issues but was later on fixed), and after that i decided to clear the data in the sqlite3 table and after i cleared the table, now every time i make some changes/deployment it clears the data in the sqlite3 table and the users of Django administration page. note : i didn't have this problem before clearing the table and everything was fine until i cleared it using flush in the terminal, and no error in the console it simply deletes all the data of the sqlite3 table and users.

after deleting i expected it to only clear the table 1 time, and that's it but now it clears the data after every deployment, and only after every deployment.

thanks in advance!

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