Is it possible to use "unique together" in Laravel, similarly to Django?

So in Django you can do this: unique_together = ('name', 'username',) so if you try to register people like this:

  1. name: John, username: blabla <---- this gets registered
  2. name: John, username: haha <---- this gets registered
  3. name: John, username: blabla <---- this won't get registered because the combination of John and blabla already exists.

Is the something similar is Laravel I could use?

The main goal is to check if the name with the username exists together, if it does, throw back a validation error, otherwise register the record to the database.

edit #1: if I can get something like "unique together" in laravel, is it possible to modify the validation method based on a hidden field in the form?

For example I want the user to write their name and email and submit it, and have a checkbox. The checkbox would enable/disable the 'unique' check of the name, so like if I do this:

name: John Doe Corp. email: whatever, checkbox: Ticked

then it would check the 'name' column for duplicates. Otherwise:

name: Jane Doe. email: whatever, checkbox: Not Ticked

then it would not check the name column for duplicates, allowing the record to be saved into the database.

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