Window.close() stopped working after updating to Django 4

I updated packages in my project to latest version, and while testing in Firefox I encountered that assigned to variable returns Object - debugged with the code below:

let test =$(e.currentTarget).attr('href'), '_blank', "height=640,width=480,toolbar=0,location=0,menubar=0");

And, when I close test (this object) using .close() (test.close()) it works just fine, but after upgrading packages (django 3 to 4 version) it stopped working, and test variable returns Window, not Object.

I'm not really sure why it works that way, does Django 4 set some custom headers that cause the window close mechanism not work properly? How I should fix that?

Okey, I know how Django affects that.

It's because the browser context is not set and cause are the new security features. To ommit that, set the SECURE_CROSS_ORIGIN_OPENER_POLICY variable to None.

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