Django 1.6.1 release notes

December 12, 2013

This is Django 1.6.1, a bugfix release for Django 1.6. In addition to the bug fixes listed below, translations submitted since the 1.6 release are also included.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed BCryptSHA256PasswordHasher with py-bcrypt and Python 3 (#21398).
  • Fixed a regression that prevented a ForeignKey with a hidden reverse manager (related_name ending with ‘+’) from being used as a lookup for prefetch_related (#21410).
  • Fixed Queryset.datetimes raising AttributeError in some situations (#21432).
  • Fixed ModelBackend raising UnboundLocalError if get_user_model() raised an error (#21439).
  • Fixed a regression that prevented editable GenericRelation subclasses from working in ModelForms (#21428).
  • Added missing to_python method for ModelMultipleChoiceField which is required in Django 1.6 to properly detect changes from initial values (#21568).
  • Fixed django.contrib.humanize translations where the Unicode sequence for the non-breaking space was returned verbatim (#21415).
  • Fixed loaddata error when fixture file name contained any dots not related to file extensions (#21457) or when fixture path was relative but located in a subdirectory (#21551).
  • Fixed display of inline instances in formsets when parent has 0 for primary key (#21472).
  • Fixed a regression where custom querysets for foreign keys were overwritten if ModelAdmin had ordering set (#21405).
  • Removed mention of a feature in the --locale/-l option of the makemessages and compilemessages commands that never worked as promised: Support of multiple locale names separated by commas. It’s still possible to specify multiple locales in one run by using the option multiple times (#21488, #17181).
  • Fixed a regression that unnecessarily triggered settings configuration when importing get_wsgi_application (#21486).
  • Fixed test client logout() method when using the cookie-based session backend (#21448).
  • Fixed a crash when a GeometryField uses a non-geometric widget (#21496).
  • Fixed password hash upgrade when changing the iteration count (#21535).
  • Fixed a bug in the debug view when the URLconf only contains one element (#21530).
  • Re-added missing search result count and reset link in changelist admin view (#21510).
  • The current language is no longer saved to the session by LocaleMiddleware on every response, but rather only after a logout (#21473).
  • Fixed a crash when executing runserver on non-English systems and when the formatted date in its output contained non-ASCII characters (#21358).
  • Fixed a crash in the debug view after an exception occurred on Python ≥ 3.3 (#21443).
  • Fixed a crash in ImageField on some platforms (Homebrew and RHEL6 reported) (#21355).
  • Fixed a regression when using generic relations in ModelAdmin.list_filter (#21431).
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