Django 1.9.6 release notes

May 2, 2016

Django 1.9.6 fixes several bugs in 1.9.5.


  • Added support for relative path redirects to the test client and to SimpleTestCase.assertRedirects() because Django 1.9 no longer converts redirects to absolute URIs (#26428).
  • Fixed TimeField microseconds round-tripping on MySQL and SQLite (#26498).
  • Prevented makemigrations from generating infinite migrations for a model field that references a functools.partial (#26475).
  • Fixed a regression where SessionBase.pop() returned None rather than raising a KeyError for nonexistent values (#26520).
  • Fixed a regression causing the cached template loader to crash when using template names starting with a dash (#26536).
  • Restored conversion of an empty string to null when saving values of GenericIPAddressField on SQLite and MySQL (#26557).
  • Fixed a makemessages regression where temporary .py extensions were leaked in source file paths (#26341).
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