Django 1.10.4 release notes

December 1, 2016

Django 1.10.4 fixes several bugs in 1.10.3.


  • Quoted the Oracle test user’s password in queries to fix the “ORA-00922: missing or invalid option” error when the password starts with a number or special character (#27420).
  • Fixed incorrect app_label / model_name arguments for allow_migrate() in makemigrations migration consistency checks (#27461).
  • Made Model.delete(keep_parents=True) preserve parent reverse relationships in multi-table inheritance (#27407).
  • Fixed a QuerySet.update() crash on SQLite when updating a DateTimeField with an F() expression and a timedelta (#27544).
  • Prevented LocaleMiddleware from redirecting on URLs that should return 404 when using prefix_default_language=False (#27402).
  • Prevented an unnecessary index from being created on an InnoDB ForeignKey when the field was added after the model was created (#27558).
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