Django 1.10.2 release notes

October 1, 2016

Django 1.10.2 fixes several bugs in 1.10.1.


  • Fixed a crash in MySQL database validation where SELECT @@sql_mode doesn’t return a result (#27180).
  • Allowed combining with more than one & or | operators (#27143).
  • Disabled system check for URL patterns beginning with a ‘/’ when APPEND_SLASH=False (#27238).
  • Fixed model form default fallback for CheckboxSelectMultiple, MultiWidget, FileInput, SplitDateTimeWidget, SelectDateWidget, and SplitArrayWidget (#27186). Custom widgets affected by this issue should implement value_omitted_from_data().
  • Fixed a crash in runserver logging during a “Broken pipe” error (#27271).
  • Fixed a regression where unchanged localized date/time fields were listed as changed in the admin’s model history messages (#27302).
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