Django 1.11.8 release notes

December 2, 2017

Django 1.11.8 fixes several bugs in 1.11.7.


  • Reallowed, following a regression in Django 1.10, AuthenticationForm to raise the inactive user error when using ModelBackend (#28645).
  • Added support for QuerySet.values() and values_list() for union(), difference(), and intersection() queries (#28781).
  • Fixed incorrect index name truncation when using a namespaced db_table (#28792).
  • Made QuerySet.iterator() use server-side cursors on PostgreSQL after values() and values_list() (#28817).
  • Fixed crash on SQLite and MySQL when ordering by a filtered subquery that uses nulls_first or nulls_last (#28848).
  • Made query lookups for CICharField, CIEmailField, and CITextField use a citext cast (#28702).
  • Fixed a regression in caching of a GenericForeignKey when the referenced model instance uses multi-table inheritance (#28856).
  • Fixed “Cannot change column ‘x’: used in a foreign key constraint” crash on MySQL with a sequence of AlterField and/or RenameField operations in a migration (#28305).
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