Django 2.0.1 release notes

January 1, 2018

Django 2.0.1 fixes several bugs in 2.0.


  • Fixed a regression in Django 1.11 that added newlines between MultiWidget’s subwidgets (#28890).
  • Fixed incorrect class-based model index name generation for models with quoted db_table (#28876).
  • Fixed incorrect foreign key constraint name for models with quoted db_table (#28876).
  • Fixed a regression in caching of a GenericForeignKey when the referenced model instance uses more than one level of multi-table inheritance (#28856).
  • Reallowed filtering a queryset with GeometryField=None (#28896).
  • Corrected admin check to allow a OneToOneField in ModelAdmin.autocomplete_fields (#28898).
  • Fixed a regression on SQLite where DecimalField returned a result with trailing zeros in the fractional part truncated (#28915).
  • Fixed crash in the testserver command startup (#28941).
  • Fixed crash when coercing a translatable URL pattern to str (#28947).
  • Fixed crash on SQLite when renaming a field in a model referenced by a ManyToManyField (#28884).
  • Fixed a crash when chaining values() or values_list() after QuerySet.select_for_update(of=(...)) (#28944).
  • Fixed admin changelist crash when using a query expression in the page’s ordering (#28958).
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