Django 1.8.1 release notes

May 1, 2015

Django 1.8.1 fixes several bugs in 1.8 and includes some optimizations in the migrations framework.


  • Added support for serializing timedelta objects in migrations (#24566).
  • Restored proper parsing of the testserver command’s positional arguments (fixture names) (#24571).
  • Prevented TypeError in translation functions check_for_language() and get_language_bidi() when translations are deactivated (#24569).
  • Fixed squashmigrations command when using SeparateDatabaseAndState (#24278).
  • Stripped microseconds from datetime values when using an older version of the MySQLdb DB API driver as it does not support fractional seconds (#24584).
  • Fixed a migration crash when altering ManyToManyFields (#24513).
  • Fixed a crash with QuerySet.update() on foreign keys to one-to-one fields (#24578).
  • Fixed a regression in the model detail view of admindocs when a model has a reverse foreign key relation (#24624).
  • Prevented arbitrary file inclusions in admindocs (#24625).
  • Fixed a crash with QuerySet.update() on foreign keys to instances with uuid primary keys (#24611).
  • Fixed database introspection with SQLite 3.8.9 (released April 8, 2015) (#24637).
  • Updated urlpatterns examples generated by startproject to remove usage of referencing views by dotted path in url() which is deprecated in Django 1.8 (#24635).
  • Fixed queries where an expression was referenced in order_by(), but wasn’t part of the select clause. An example query is qs.annotate(foo=F('field')).values('pk').order_by('foo')) (#24615).
  • Fixed a database table name quoting regression (#24605).
  • Prevented the loss of null/not null column properties during field alteration of MySQL databases (#24595).
  • Fixed JavaScript path of contrib.admin’s related field widget when using alternate static file storages (#24655).
  • Fixed a migration crash when adding new relations to models (#24573).
  • Fixed a migration crash when applying migrations with model managers on Python 3 that were generated on Python 2 (#24701).
  • Restored the ability to use iterators as queryset filter arguments (#24719).
  • Fixed a migration crash when renaming the target model of a many-to-many relation (#24725).
  • Removed flushing of the test database with test --keepdb, which prevented apps with data migrations from using the option (#24729).
  • Fixed makemessages crash in some locales (#23271).
  • Fixed help text positioning of contrib.admin fields that use the ModelAdmin.filter_horizontal and filter_vertical options (#24676).
  • Fixed AttributeError: function ‘GDALAllRegister’ not found error when initializing contrib.gis on Windows.


  • Changed ModelState to deepcopy fields instead of deconstructing and reconstructing (#24591). This speeds up the rendering of model states and reduces memory usage when running migrate (although other changes in this release may negate any performance benefits).
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