Django security releases issued: 3.1.7, 3.0.13 and 2.2.19

In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team is issuing Django 3.1.7Django 3.0.13, and Django 2.2.19. These release addresses the security issue detailed below. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible.

CVE-2021-23336: Web cache poisoning via django.utils.http.limited_parse_qsl()

Django contains a copy of urllib.parse.parse_qsl() which was added to backport some security fixes. A further security fix has been issued recently such that parse_qsl() no longer allows using ; as a query parameter separator by default. Django now includes this fix. See bpo-42967 for further details.

This issue has moderate severity, according to the Django security policy.

Affected supported versions

  • Django 3.2 (currently at beta status)
  • Django 3.1
  • Django 3.0
  • Django 2.2


Patches to resolve the issue have been applied to the 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, and 2.2 release branches. The patches may be obtained from the following changesets:

The following releases have been issued:

The PGP key ID used for these releases is Carlton Gibson: E17DF5C82B4F9D00.

Django 3.2 beta 1 will be released in a separate blog post later today.

General notes regarding security reporting

As always, we ask that potential security issues be reported via private email to, and not via Django's Trac instance or the django-developers list. Please see our security policies for further information.

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