Django - only call <a href="{% url 'view'%}"> when clicked

In my web page i have a for loop that displays multiple <a> tags. When one of the <a> tags is clicked the user will be redirected to another url.

My problem is that all of the href="{% url 'search' theme_path %}{{theme}}" gets called despite not being clicked and causes my page site to crash since the sub_themes list is quite large.

I tried using forms as they should only call the {% url 'view' %} when clicked. But this got a bit fiddly. There must be some simple javascript code that can resolve my issue

How can i only have the url be called when clicked?


<section id="all-themes-container">
    {% for theme in sub_themes %}
    <div class="theme-container">
        <a href="{% url 'search' theme_path %}{{theme}}">{{theme}}</a>
    {% endfor %}
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