HTMX method not activated on select from list action in template (view does not see HTMX)

Good afternoon

I have a micro Django app. In which I want to configure the ability to update the element using the [HTMX] method.

I have a small form in a template - which is based on selecting an item from a list. The list is displayed well and the items appear in it.

I connected this element in the template (selection list) with another element in the template - a graph.

I'm trying to activate the [HTMX] method in Django code, but nothing happens. The code action does not go further. It feels like the view is not finding and activating the [HTMX] action.

print("HTMX") - not action - print

What could be the reason? You may be able to find some error in the code. I would be very grateful for any information.

    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-4">
                        hx-get="{% url 'tabl_2_htmx' %}"
                    {% for select in selector %}
                        <option value="{{select}}">{{select}}</option>
                    {% endfor %}
        <div id="figure" class="col-8">
            {% include 'tabl_2_htmx_figure.html' %}

def tabl_2_htmx(request):
    context = {}
    queryset_selector = Model_1.objects.all()
    last_row = queryset_selector.last()
    values_selector = last_row.name_1

    select_1 = request.GET.get('select', values_selector)

    qs_select = Model_1.objects.filter(name_1=select_1).order_by('ud')

    date = [ for d in qs_select]

    cds = ColumnDataSource(data=data_x)

    fig = figure(x_axis_type='datetime')

    fig.line(x='date', y='ud', width=1, source=cds)

    script_2, div_2 = components(fig)

    context['script_2'] = script_2
    context['div_2'] = div_2

    menu_selector = Model.objects.all()
    menu = [ for d in menu_selector]
    context['selector'] = menu

    if request.htmx:
        return render(request, 'tabl_2_htmx_figure.html', context)

    return render(request, "tabl_2_htmx.html", context)
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