Django migrations file incompatible with windows file naming conventions

The following characters are forbidden in Windows file names:

< > : " / \ | ? *

In our Git repo, an old migration file "0012_iosversion_iosversion_recommended_>" is keeping a colleague from cloning the repo. Django auto-generated this file from a model's following:

class Meta:
        constraints = [CheckConstraint(
            check = Q(recommended__gt=F('obsolete')),
            name = 'recommended_>_obsolete'

#12 is not a necessary check we need, however we have 3 newer migrations on top of #12 that create new tables that are currently in use. What is the best practice to rename or remove the file?

  • Can we regenerate all of the migration files in a window safe way
  • Can we rename the file?
  • Rollback all of the changes and drop our tables?
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