Python django / flask deployment

What is a good way to daploy a django or a flask website, I have a website i want to deploy but don't know how

to get a website or something that helps me solve my problem

Deploying a Django/Flask application can be performed in multiple ways, depending on your needs. If you would like to go with a Cloud option, then:

  1. If you need full control over the hosting machine, use a virtual machine like Amazon EC2, or GCP Compute Engine. This way you'll have to do all the installations/configurations by yourself
  2. If you don't need complete control over the hosting machine, some services allow you to push the code and do all the configuration for you. Examples are AWS Beanstalk, and GCP App Engine.

There are other options, like using Docker. However, you would have to provide more information about the application requirements.

You can check Django's documentation about deployment here:

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