Django VS NodeJS Chatbot App with a reactJS front end what backend is better/trade offs for this application?

I am looking to select a stack for a project to build a chatbot application where the front end is ReactJS. On the back end I will have requirements to utilize various python libraries and I may on the longer term require integration with IoT datasets. Would it be better to utilize nodeJS or Django on the backend for an application like this?

I am currently reviewing Django and this seems like an obvious choice given the project requirements but I have a concern for speed and scaling with Django. I also am curious on the thoughts when it comes to databases for chatbots. I will be looking to capture and record both sides of the chats to use for training and was thinking SQL or SQLlite would be fine but not sure on the advantage to sticking with a NOSQL database in this application and if there are any benefits. Anyone with some insight?

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