Replit Django No such file or directory: "common-passwords.txt.gz"

Here I have an simple To-Do app with Django which I created following this tutorial . On my pc using localhost everything is working fine. But when I upload and run it on Replit , then try to register a new username, I get this error shown on the image.


I am using Django register form, nothing additional. In Replit files menu I cant see that directory


, so from the terminal I accessed to it with cd/filedirect and created the file there, then the registry form worked, but when I turned off and on the app, I guess it recreates the virtual environment which leads to the missing file again, I updated Django in the Replit terminal and it doesn't help, so what else could be the problem that this file is not generated whenever the virtual env. is started ?

Full info of error:

I searched info about the problem, tried different solutions but non of them worked for me.

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