Issues deploying Django app to AWS web server

I would like to complete the Django first app but instead of accessing it via the local host on my machine. Id like to access it through a free tier on AWS.

This is for an Education tool I am presenting to a class. Im wondering if anyone has done this, or if there is any videos/guides for this?

I would also like to have a number of students working on this as well so it would be great if there was also a guide for explaining to the students how to use Docker, pull the container to their local machines (all students will be using VSC as their IDE).

The end goal is for the base app to be developed on their local machines (macOS/Windows/Linux etc). When they commit their code to the repo, for it to deploy to an AWS web sever (free educational tier account) for them to see their changes. Then if the changes are good, they can deploy to the "production" server.

If these are not the normal steps of the deployment pipeline, might someone clarify for me?

Thanks for any assistance!

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