How do I handle sending iOS push notifications if my iOS app back end is in python?

I had a question which I have done a lot of googling on but still couldn't find a suitable answer. I am building my iOS app's back end using django rest framework and what I wanted to know since I am new to iOS is how would notifications show on a user's iphone when lets say a model is changed or something or for example if I make a simple GET request then how does a notification get put out on my iOS app?

regards and thanks in advance!

Tried googling Tried googling and tried googling

If you want the server to be able to notify an iOS device that a change has occurred and have that iOS device display a notification that would prompt the user to open your app, you probably need to look into the Apple Push Notification service (APN). See for details.

I suggest that you don't try to build this interface yourself. Since you're working with a Django backend, you can look for an existing Django plugin that does most of the work for you. For example, take a look at and see if it handles the use cases you have in mind.

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