Django - Iterating over Raw Query is slow

I have a query which uses a window function. I am using a raw query to filter over that new field, since django doesn't allow filtering over that window function (at least in the version I am using).

So it would look something like this (simplified):

# Returns 440k lines
user_files = Files.objects.filter(file__deleted=False).filter(user__terminated__gte=today).annotate(
        row_number=Window(expression=RowNumber(), partition_by=[F("user")], order_by=[F("creation_date").desc()]))

I am basically trying to get the last not deleted file from each user which is not terminated.

Afterwards I use following raw query to get what I want:

# returns 9k lines
sql, params = user_files.query.sql_with_params()
latest_user_files = Files.objects.raw(f'select * from ({sql}) sq where row_number = 1', params)

if I run these queries in the database, they run quite quickly (300ms). But once I try to iterate over them or even just print them it takes a very long time to execute. Anywhere from 100 to 200 seconds even though the query itself just takes a little bit less than half a second. Is there anything I am missing? Is the extra field row_number in the raw query an issue?

Thank you for any hint/answers.

(Using Django 3.2 and Python 3.9)

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