Unitest DRF with CONTEXT

I am wondering if anyone could help me with the appropriate way to create a unitest in DRF when using context inside a serializer.

as you can see in the serializer below, I am adding a field called distance to my serializer.

class CompanySerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer): """Serializer for companies.""" distance = serializers.SerializerMethodField() class Meta: model = Company fields = ['id', 'company_name', 'lat', 'long', 'logo', 'distance']

def get_distance(self, company):
    """Return context"""
    return self.context['distances'][company.pk]

Then when calling the unitest I get an error: KeyError: 'distances'

COMPANY_URL = reverse('company:company-list')

def test_company_list_limited_to_user(self):
    """Test list of companies is limited to authenticated user."""
    other_user = create_user(
        email='other@example.com', password='password123'

    res = self.client.get(COMPANY_URL)

    companies = Company.objects.filter(user=self.user)
    serializer = CompanySerializer(companies, many=True)
    self.assertEqual(res.status_code, status.HTTP_200_OK)
    self.assertEqual(res.data, serializer.data)

Is there a better way to write this test, so it can pass? I did check and the context distance is create and passed to the serializer with no issue, but the test is not passing :/

Tks a lot!

Kind regards Victor Almeida

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