How to make sef image link with uploaded tinymce in django?

I published my django site but everyday i am finding new problems :) Today i realised my images in the article has no slugify link. Forexample in this page

This image has url like this. How can i make this image url like or media)/image-name.webp


enter image description here

You receive these errors because the value of the property 'images_upload_handler' (Line 187) is a JavaScript function that extends over several lines. This JavaScript function is a multi line string, like the JavaString function in Line 161 for the property 'file_picker_callback'. You have to treat the JavaScript function in Line 187 the same way. Write in Line 187

    'images_upload_handler': """function(  ... 

and at the end of the JavaScript functino in Line 208


For further Details on multiline strings in Python see

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