Installed Django using pipenv on Mac (Zsh). Command not found: django..?

Installed django inside a file in Desktop using pipenv., it created pipfile and pipfile.lock without any issues later when trying to start project using 'djang0 -admin startproject' it outputs Zsh: command not found: django.

Tried python3 -m django startproject forum and it worked fine., untill later i tried creating superuser using the same method and it outputs the same result.

why it didn't work in the first and worked fine with the second command.?

Is there any resource you can point where i can understand the shells and paths better..?

What's the solution for this..?

Sorry, i am new to Coding and these issues taking up a lot of my productive time..Trying to understand the issue better and prevent this from happening in future rather than fixing it temporarily.

Thanks in advance

I have tried installing the latest version of python3

Uninstalling and installing pipenv, django using pip3

pipenv graph shows django 4.10 was installed

I couldn't locate the bin folder or define path as stated on some blogs

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