Using if statement in django template to detect a NULL

My web application stores dances and the YouTube link to that dance. The table shows the dance name and a link to the video which is passed to a new page to show the embedded video. This all works fine but some dances do not have a video and the return from the database for video_id is below

http://localhost:8000/video_test/HjC9DidEwPc,%20Big%20Blue%20Tree --- with video or http://localhost:8000/video_test/NULL,%20Baby%20Kate ---- with no video

I want include a test for the null in the template which tabulates the dances so that the link does not appear if no video

tabulated output is the word video is a link to video_test

Column A Column B
The dance name Video
The dance name Video

I have tried using {% if == NULL %} is NULL, is None, but none work.I have looked at various other questions which seem to suggest that one of the above should work. I either get an unable to parse error or the if statement has no effect. . Model

class Dances(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField('name', max_length=120)
    video_id = models.CharField('video_id', max_length=50)
    level = models.CharField('level', max_length=3)
    def __str__(self):
        return str(


def video_test(request, id, name):
    vid_id= id

    d_name = name
    return render(request, 'alineapp/video_test.html',{'vid_id':vid_id, 'd_name':d_name})


<!--  Table for Beginner dances -->
    <table border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">                      
    {% for i in beg_list %}
    <td>{{ }}</td>

    {% If !== NULL %}

    <td><a  href="{% url 'video_test'   i.video_id %}">Video</a></td>

    {% else %} 

    <td> None  </td>   
    {% endif %}     
    {% endfor %}

Did you try not none?

{% if is not none %}
    <td><a  href="{% url 'video_test'   i.video_id %}">Video</a></td>
{% else %} 
    <td> None  </td>   
{% endif %}  
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