Store very little Integer in DB( PostgreSQL )

How to store very little Integer (4 bits) integer in my database?

In my model, I want to store a very small integer in my DB and I don't want to use SmallIntegerField.
Because Django will store 16 Byte data in DB, which is too much for my need. How can I store 4 bits integers or even less in PostgreSQL?
Thanks for your help.🙏

As Adrian said, the smallest storage for PostgreSQL itself is 2 bytes. There is nothing smaller than that.

If you want to make a constraint, create a maximum check via the save method in a Django model or add a field validator in the Django field.

2 bytes is the smallest, but there is nothing else

If you really want a database with such constraints, you can install an extension and make your own DB field by following this:

In Postgres, you can use char(1) as data type which is stored on 1 Byte if your database is UTF-8 encoded and the values you stores correspond to ascii values less than 128 (see wikipedia) :

CREATE TABLE test (verysmallinteger char(1)) ;

You can then store integer value i from 1 to 32 with :

INSERT INTO test (verysmallinteger ) VALUES chr(i+32)

and you can retrieve the stored values with :

SELECT ascii(verysmallinteger) - 32 FROM test

see dbfiddle

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